TIG-Welding – the welding process for supreme performances

The Wolfram-Inertgas welding in short TIG-Welding, has established itself in Germany in the 1950s and is also well known as Argon arc welding.

With the use of a new, patented welding source, the TIG welding process has completely changed. This device creates an arrow-like, highly-dynamic electrical arc. According to independent research results, the energy density of this extremely focused light arc lies between a laser beam and a plasma arc.

This new technology is a wonderful addition to our knowledge of TIG and laser welding technology and enables us to process welding tasks with even more efficiency and innovation.

The welding process for supreme performances

Profit from our professional performance in TIG- welding:

  • Individual and series production
  • Deposit and repair welding
  • Process development and consulting
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Innovative support for the development of new products

Where high quality, precision and excellence are required, TIG-welding is a preferred welding technic.

Also, place reliance on our innovative support regarding new product development. We advise you according to your requirements and concepts. From the very first planning to the process findings, up to the development, you can count on our employees and trust in their competence.

The advantages of the Wolfram-Inertgas welding at a glance

Our employees are recognized experts in their fields. The welding process convinces us as well as our customers due to:

  • The high and consistent weld seam quality
  • No weld splatter
  • Scarce incurrence of pollutants
  • Minimized welding distortion
  • Suitable for the most different steel types
  • Clean working processes regarding mass production

TIG-Welding can be applied on almost every type of steel, NE-Metals, Magnesium and aluminium. Depending on the material direct current or alternating current is being used.