Robot Controlled Welding A welding technic for a reproduction of a 100%

Robot controlled welding is our forte and complements our repertoire on manual welding technics. Where particular precision and continues quality on the highest level are demanded, this is where we like to get into action.

In the course of developing welding concepts for the production of prototypes and pilot runs, purchasing a 6-axis welding robot was a logical step. The welding robot convinces us as well as our customers with a mode of operation which resembles the human arm yet, offers more precise movements.

Series parts with high-quality requirements can now be perfectly reproduced in-house. Through the use of specialist software, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of welding technology, this is an economically feasible option, even for small quantities.

Robot Controlled Welding and its advantages – TM Laser technic

For our customers, the advantage is obvious:

  • In the first stages, the technical implementation is tested and manually implemented.
  • Precision in the tenths range.
  • The next step - the implementation of mass production - is adapted to the robot system. Fast, short ways without major communication interferences are a guarantor for ideal results.
  • Time, resources and cost of savings on your order.
  • Long-term experiences and expertise on subcontracts, pilot series production and prototypes.

Even mass-produced products planned by the customer can quickly be automated with our experience and equipment.

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