TM-Lasertechnik a Success Story

Cumulative expertise combined with market knowledge and customer focus: In 2012, the company TM-Lasertechnik will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The company history is an exemplary model of how success is possible as a result of continues development, use of scientific knowledge via close cooperation with scientific institutes and other specialist welding operations, as well as a customer-oriented response to market requirements. Maintaining close contact with suppliers also enables us to guarantee consistent quality. Today, TM-Lasertechnikis a reliable partner for a broad range of customers in the mechanical engineering industry, in aviation and aerospace technology, restoration of classic cars as well as many other areas of welding technology. Our brand name stands for quality and a high level of competence.

Several steps led to the current face of the company today, which is characterised by continues development, attracting customers from a variety of different industries. Progress and innovation are high priorities for our company.

TM-Lasertechnik was founded in August 2002, as a company that would soon prove to be a model of success. The company was established as a service provider for mould and tool making using a closed laser welding system. Soon, the response to the changing needs of customers prompted further development and the conversion of the laser system in accordance with market requirements - a worthwhile investment that would meet customers’ demands.

In 2004, the company’s continues expansion led to the purchase of an open laser welding system, enabling us to cover requirements within the mechanical engineering, prototyping and aerospace industries. In this way, TM-Lasertechnik was able to serve a wider group of customers who were, and are, extremely grateful for such high-quality products. In 2006, we relocated to a larger building. At this point, TM-Lasertechnik was already in a position to move up to 3,500 kilograms.

Keeping a steady focus on the latest findings for both our customers’ and the market’s requirements paid off, and in 2008, we expanded our range to include a further open laser welding system, which proved to be an additional success factor for the company. In 2009, as part of a special civil aviation project, the acquisition of a completely new, patented TIG welding power source with an adapted industrial robot opened up new possibilities within the realm of aviation.

Customers worldwide appreciate TM-Lasertechnik’s high level of flexibility and our willingness to adapt and employ new scientific discoveries in the field of welding technology. This has enabled us to establish an extremely good market position, with less than ten years’ company history. All of our company activities are geared towards offering our customers what they need. This includes aligning the company with changes in the market in order to guarantee the best possible service.