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Newspaper article in "Der Praktiker", Edition #5/2011

TIG Welding in the Automobile Industry

Dinse: Based in Aachen, FEV Motorentechnik GmbH (FEV Engine Technology GmbH) is a leading independent service provider in the development of combustion engines and automotive engineering. In an innovative project, the company is currently transforming a small production car from a combustion engine vehicle into a 100% electric vehicle.

In this conversion, particular focus has been given to the production of the tank, which houses the battery cells. The piece needed to be created using a variety of plates, individual components and different welding processes. For the material, the decision was made in favour of an aluminium-magnesium alloy thanks to its light weight.

For the manufacture, an expert was commissioned to combine years of experience with modern welding technology. Thomas Müller Lasertechnik in Neukirchen-Vluyn analysed the materials and structural geometry and decided on a combination of laser and tungsten inert gas welding (TIG). The experts opted for a semi-automated solid-state laser Nd:YAG and a TIG robotic station with a "WDE 302" cold wire system from Dinse GmbH in Hamburg. "For welding tasks with complex requirements, I expect absolute efficiency, user-friendliness and accurate delivery. The "EDE 302" TIG welding system is the only one on the market that meets those demands. Particularly with aluminium TIG welding using filler material, an accurate and consistent wire feed is very important. The precise wire feed system really impressed me", said Thomas Müller.

The core principle is based on push-push technology where the wire feed is controlled with high precision by two completely decoupled drive units. This prevents the first motor’s adjustable torque from buckling the additional wire, while the second, speed controlled motor provides the exact amount of wire needed. In this way, a high level of consistency of wire feed is ensured, regardless of