Laser-Hybrid-Welding The innovative Welding source

TM Lasertechnik wants to providethe customers with the greatest flexibility possible at maximum know-how and with welding technics according to the most recent findings. In the course of our company history we have therefore, set new equipment into operation and have continuesly developed our competences. Therefore its only consistent to also offer our customers from the most divers industrial branches, commissioned work in laser-hybrid welding.

By making use of an innovative, unprecedented welding source, TM Lasertechnik has been able to widen the spectrum of laser welding immensely. With the laser hybrid welding, the advantages of laser welding and WIG-welding are being combined. It allows us to weld more precisely and with reduced heat input compared to the conventional WIG process and still to manufacture considerably greater material thickness and additional material.

In cooperation with different institutes such as the Frauenhofer-Institute or the Max-Planck-Institute as well as application manufacturers like the Dinse GmbH, our equipment was strongly optimized. In this way we can work more flexible and more customized. By integrating a 6-axis industrial robot we have an ideal tool to weld serial components.

Advantages of Laser-Hybrid Welding - Precision and Accuracy

The laser-hybrid welding convinces us as well as our customers by the individual optimization and the integration in an industrial robot.

We provide:

  • More exact welding compared to conventional processes such as WIG
  • Processing of stronger material and additional material
  • High error tolerance
  • Optimized seam quality
  • Maximized welding velocity
  • Reduced thermal distortion
  • Improved process stability

With laser-hybrid welding we combine the best possible welding process with laser welding. Wherever the WIG-welding technic alone does not achieve the most ideal results, the hybrid technic comes into action, e.g. in areas such as engineering and tool construction.