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TM Laser technic

TM Laser technic from Neukirchen-Vluyn is your specialized welding company in the area of customized and precision welding procedures. Since 2002 our specialized company stands for continues development and the application of the latest scientific findings and innovations.

We have established ourselves to be a trustworthy partner for companies in the area of engineering, aero- and space travel technology as well as in further industrial sectors. We meet all requirements regarding quality, precision and flexibility more than fully.

At our premises we realize single as well as batch productions, overlay welding and repair welding. Our experienced employees will support you in each project from the beginning.

Profit from our know-how, starting with the selection of the procedure, over the metallurgical analysis to the innovative support in the new development of products.

Overview of the key areas of TM Laser technic:

Our tools comprise e.g. laser or laser hybrid systems with which we fulfill high demands of precision and reproducibility. Some weldable materials are for example aluminium, Magnesium Alloy, Copper, Steel, Titan and many more.

We welcome new challenges- contact us. For your order we would gladly invest our entire repertoire and potential.

Repairing works on old-timer bythe expert – TM Laser technic

The second key area of TM Laser technic are the repairing works on old-timer. Most of all the motor can become the weak point of a classic. Irrespective of the model and the manufacture of the motor of your old-timer, we take over the maintenance of it with certified expertise and accuracy. After a detailed analysis, we plan the restauration of your precious vehicle. Always with one eye on the preservation of value and increase of value.

Thomas Müller